One of the most important aspects of numismatics is education. You being a educated collector will help you find better deals. Being  able to find the arcuate value for your coin or banknote is very useful in the numismatic market today. Also keeping up what is going on in the numismatic world can give insight in what the market will do and can educate you at the same time. Below this is links to the best websites for the things mentioned above. YouTube Videos are some of the most entertaining ways to learn about numismatics. But a problem is that only a few select YouTube channels are actually reputable and give you arcuate information. Some of the most viewed numismatic related videos are clickbait and don’t display accurate information. I will provide links to these channels in the order my personal preference of channels. I also recommend subscribing to these channels to support them, coin YouTube channels are doing a lot of good work by educating the numismatic community. 


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