Contact information 

         If you are looking to contact me to sell a collection, coins, banknotes, and silver, I only can do local transactions when it comes to purchasing items from others. At the most a 45 minute drive  to the location some would like to do business. (most of the time a common place like a coffee house for example) I can do business by people sending me the objects in question, but this will take a large collection or a very large deal for this to be a option. Doing this takes a lot effort and organization since, for the seller is a very  high risk option since items can lost in the shipping process and takes a lot trust in myself. I do not want people to worry about there items and not trust me. So most of the time this is out of the question. I can also organize a meet up at a local numismatic event which I travel at least 60 minutes too. There is a lack of numismatic events in my area this is a very good option for people that are out of a decent drives time to get too. 

        My contact preference is Email which is listed


       FYI- I have a phone number that can be provided if proffered.